Se acerca la gran noche!

Y no puedo de la emocion, es la gran cita de la moda en la capital. Una ocasión perfecta para reunirte con tus amigas, explorar todas las opciones que ofrece una noche en la que las compras se mezclan con todo tipo de entretenimientos.

Nosotras hemos organizado un evento super especial en nuestra tienda en calle Padilla, 1. No puedo desvelar muchos secretos porque queremos que sea sorpresa pero os voy adelantando que habra champagne, chocolate, fresas… Ummmmm se me hace la boca agua!

Ademas habra un protagonista especial y es el collar diseñado en colaboración con Vogue, podeis imaginaros esta mezcla tan explosiva! Sin embargo, para las que no podais desplazaros a la tienda, no pasa nada, podeis hacer la compra online hasta el jueves y tendreis vuestro precioso collar de regalo con cualquier compra.

A partir de las 11:00 os estaremos esperando, no os lo perdais!

My morning protein milkshake !

I started September doing Power Yoga and Pilates and I need extra energy… Also my idea is to increase muscle mass. This is a smoothie that helps me achieve these two goals:

-1 banana

– Half cup of yogurt Alpro soy

-3 raspberries

-3 tablespoons of oatmeal

To prepare the milkshake you just need to put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them until the lumps disappear, leaving a homogeneous and uniform texture. Take it at room temperature or with ice to cool off after each workout.

Picasso and Jacqueline

Picasso’s enigmatic last muse was Jacqueline Roque…as I called one of my favourite most iconic pieces of jewellery.

Thanks to

Jota Lucas photographer.

Stylist Rocio Taboada.

Ana Torres makeup

and model Angie Kroli.


Take care of your jewelry

As a general rule, jewelery should always be carefully cared for, whatever its composition. The jewels are very delicate pieces of great value, so we must always treat them with the utmost care.

For the care of the jewels, some simple tips must be followed:

1. Always avoid the contact of the jewel with cosmetic products that may damage its color. Creams or perfumes can cause your piece to darken or lose its shine due to abrasion caused by chemicals.

2. To clean your jewelry you should always use warm water and soap (with neutral PH), using a soft bristle brush and drying them later with a chamois leather.

3. It is necessary to check frequently that the closures are in good condition. It is advisable to check with some frequency the setting of the components of the piece, to make sure that they are all well placed and to prevent them from falling and getting lost.

4. Jewelry should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature, as they may undergo changes in their color. For the correct conservation of your jewelry, it is preferable that you always keep them individually.

5. If you use a jeweler, ensure that the pieces are always in separate compartments. Try to keep the chains closed and flat so that no knots are formed.

6. The materials can be damaged by contact with chemicals such as creams, alcohol, perfumes, detergents, etc. Organic gems, like pearls, are more delicate than other gems when faced with certain chemical agents, so they should always be kept away from soaps, perfumes, creams, detergents … This type of precious stones can also be dehydrated, so it is advisable to avoid Direct heat sources such as lights and radiators.

If you have any doubts about the state of your jewelry, we recommend that you do not use them until they have been checked by a specialist. At Patricia Nicolás we will be happy to help you whenever you need it.